Our Mission


Our mission is to promote financial literacy to lower and moderate-income families that will transcend to future generations.  In order to achieve this, we focus on creating a culture that supports our team members while finding talent who not only acquires the knowledge we share but also the commitment and desire to help others reach their goals.

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Our Vision

We want each and every individual to feel empowered and in control of their finances and their goals.

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Who We Are

We are all about financial growth!  How do you feel about your financial situation?  Do you have enough money saved in your emergency fund, enough money to do the things you enjoy without working extra hard?  Or do you feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck constantly sacrificing not living the life you deserved or always imagined.  Doesn’t it seem like whenever you start doing well financially something always goes wrong?

 Uggghhh, that’s such a sucky feeling. Now let me ask you this? Are you happy with what you are doing for your career?  Are you getting paid the salary you deserve? If not, your one of the 70% of Americans that feel this way. In fact, not receiving the salary we need or deserve at our jobs prevents us from acquiring the CAPITAL we need to do things that will help us grow financially. Have you ever thought about starting your business?  So many of us want to start our own business and it is certainly one way to achieve wealth, but the problem with starting your own business and having a successful business is it REQUIRES CAPITAL. 

Owning a home.  That’s part of the American Dream.  In fact, is the most simple and safest way to build wealth; this also REQUIRES CAPITAL.

Do you see where we are getting at?  Buying a home, starting a business, being superstars in our careers all have a financial aspect attached to it. 

We get it!  Financial Growth Strategies understand your pains.  And guess what?  We can GUARANTEE you will be one step closer to achieving your goals? Our #1 goal is to help you reach yours!

We, Financial Growth Strategies are a reputed financial planning services organization that enjoys developing strategies to enhance your financial literacy. We focus on those who want to grow financially, whether it is from real estate, owning a business, or excelling in one’s career.  We believe one can grow and create wealth only when proper financial growth plan is in place and we are here to help you with exactly that!