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is to Help You Reach Yours.

We promote & assist with financial growth through Career Counseling, Real Estate, & Financial Growth Plans.

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Before you post your resume on Indeed, make sure your resume is fit to beat out 100’s of other applicants. A resume is the first impression a recruiter has of you. Make a strong impression by creating a resume that will get you noticed, get you hired & potentially earn you more money!

Make More Money Doing What You Love & Rapidly Increase Your Earning Power

Get the steps you need to climb the corporate ladder, enjoy what you do, and make the money you deserve. CEO, Kimesha Janey-Rogers will host a training, sharing how she became a hiring manager for the largest fragrance retailer in the U.S. earned 6 figures without a bachelor’s degree and took complete control of her career.

Our number one goal is to help you reach yours. We promote & assist with financial growth through Career Counseling, Real Estate, & Financial Growth Plans.

Financial Growth Strategies

Get a customized Financial Growth Strategy that will allow you to make more money & save more time.

Career Counseling Plan

Advancing in your career is a huge goal.  We offer career counseling services that will fit anyone’s schedule & budget!

Massachusetts Real Estate

A successful real estate transaction requires knowledge and strategy not trial an error. Get the tools you need to have a successful real estate transaction.

E-Learning Courses

Our online courses offer educational value with flexible schedules and learning environments at a lower cost

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We’re Your Personal Wealth Strategists

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FGS gave me a personalized plan that allowed me to make more, save more, and spend more time with my family!  Who doesn’t want that?”  –

S. Custer


“Kimesha is definitely someone who will doggedly pursue your goals.” –  

R. Patton Spruill

Award Winning Film Director

“As a guest speaker, Kimesha was able to convey real-time experiences with stories of courage & perseverance”

K. Grant

Business Owner

“You will not be disappointed with the services. Everything is done with 100% certainty and assurance.”

J. Smith

Sponsored Research Admin at Harvard University

Your Goals Lead The Way

Financial Planners and Advisors advise you on what to do with the money you’ve ALREADY made. We work with you to help you make MORE money!

Earn more income using our Financial Plan, Career Growth Plans, or through Real Estate, and E-Learning