I like to compare submitting resumes online to the online dating process.  Now, I know you’re probably thinking… “What in the world is this lady talking about”?  Allow me to explain…

The resume is what the employer see’s before actually meeting you.   As someone who is on the “market”, you want to find ways to take the relationship from being online to meeting in person (the interview).  The same is the goal with online dating.

These are some of the basic things we look for when considering building a relationship.





Ok….now I’m going to make it relate, so you will see I am not so crazy after all.

Motivation:  No one wants a relationship with a person who is not motivated right (or at least we shouldn’t).  Guess what!  Employers definitely do not want to hire someone who is not motivated.  The effort that you put into your resume will show your potential employer how motivated you really are.   Did you just throw a resume together and not even proof read it?  Or did you put a lot of effort into it making sure it’s neat, proofread, and UPDATED?  Nothing screams lazier than submitting a resume that is not updated.

Attraction:  If you participate in online dating there has to be something that caused you to chat with that person.  Something that made you decide to get to know them.  Because you have not met them yet, it is safe to say there was something you liked about how they looked.  

Well recruiters only spend a few seconds viewing resumes initially.  The look of your resume will help grab their attention.  

Chemistry:  Now that the person’s profile picture caught your attention, you most likely will read or skim through their profile to see if there are things you have in common and if they may potentially be a good match for you.  

Well, your employer wants to know you’re the right person for the job also.  They will be able to determine this based on keywords you use in your resume, as well as your prior experience.

Stability: No one wants to put time and effort into a relationship that isn’t going to work out.  The same goes for an employer.  Your potential employer wants to know if they hire you, put the time in training you, you are someone that will stick around.  If your resume shows you working at multiple locations for a short period of time…that is not a good look.

HA!  There you have it!  Maybe after reading this you’ll find the man/woman of your dreams and the job of your dreams online!


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